10 Aug 2013

Trailblazer | Ignatz & de Stervende Honden | Mark McGuire | Steve Gunn | U.S. Girls Ft. Slim Twig & Floris Vanhoof | Dracula Lewis | Huerco S.

Grindbakken & 019, Ghent
16.00 | Presale (17 June - 8 August) €20 | Free for Subbacultcha! members

BUY PRESALE TICKETS HERE or get them at Faja Lobi, Vlaanderenstraat 2, Ghent.
From the depths of the wastelands of Ghent comes a new festival, aptly named Wastelands. After an amazing and sold out first edition in 2012, the beautiful people of Wastelands have managed to put together quite the line-up for a second year, programming no less than 7 exclusive quality acts for your ears.
Acid Marshmellow DJ's
15u30 Doors
16u15 Trailblazer
17u15 Ignatz & De Stervende Honden
18u30 Mark McGuire
19u45 Steve Gunn
21u00 U.S. Girls Allstar band ft. Slim Twig & Floris Vanhoof
--- 019 ---
DJ Walrus
22u30 Dracula Lewis
00u00 Huerco S.
From the Toronto-based gritty pop songstress U.S. Girls and her frequent collaborator Slim Twig to ex-Emeralds member Mark McGuire and Kentucky-youngster Trailblazer, from horror electronica wizard Dracula Lewis and hypnagogic producer Huerco S. to the distorted blues brothers Ignatz & De Stervende Honden and the mind-blowing guitar god Steve Gunn on top.

Unique not just for their line-up, but also for their organic and ecological approach, Wastelands is sure to turn a few heads. Wastelands’ partners in crime this year are brewery Mongozo, who'll present you a fine selection of biologic and gluten-free beers. Vegan and vegetarian catering will be taken care by Just Like Your Mom and the artist accommodation by Ghent’s finest B&B Faja Lobi.

During the day the festival will take place at the Grindbakken (*new!), a 160 meters long concrete structure. The Grindbakken – used in the past to transfer gravel and sand between ships and trucks – was transformed into a multi-purpose area accessible to the public, supplied with water and electricity and painted white as an empty canvas for all kinds of activities. In the evening the shows move to 019, a former industrial building at DOK Noord 5L in Ghent.

Most probably the only festival and summer hangout not to be missed this summer!

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free for Subbacultcha! members

organized by Subbacultcha! and Smoke & Dust
supported by Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen



Coleman Guyon is a real jack of all trades. The US-born youngster directed music videos for Psychic Ills and Idiot Glee and shot amazingly beautiful pictures for Subbacultcha!’s scene report about Lexington, Kentucky. He also makes kraut-pop music as Trailblazer.


Ignatz is the moniker of Belgium’s finest underground guitarist Bram Devens. Devens recently relocated from Brussels to rural Landen and therefore named his latest LP ‘Can I go home now?’, a sequel to the brilliant ‘I Hate This City’. For Wastelands Festival he’s bringing along his backing band De Stervende Honden.


Portland-based musician Mark McGuire can’t stop, won’t stop. At only 26 years old, the drone guitarist has released over 100 albums through his various projects, the most notorious of them being the electronic music band Emeralds, which sadly called it quits earlier this year. In August he embarks on his first solo tour post break-up, to support the forthcoming album ‘Along The Way’ which, if the first excerpt ‘In Search Of The Miraculous’ is anything to go by, should be quite a pearl of a record.


Some might have recently noticed Steve Gunn as the new backbone of Kurt Vile’s live band, while avant-garde fans yet seen him in several other formations. Being more than a groundbreaking guitar player with a soothing and powerful voice, mixing melodies with traces of folk and blues and balancing on the edge of a breakthrough, we simply share Vile’s opinion on him. ‘It’s impossible to just talk about Steve. He’s too good, just listen to him. What can I even say about him that touches that? Hearing Steve, I immediately received that same deep appreciation I got when discovering Jack Rose and was completely blown away beyond. Just from growing up with roots music and just kind of immediately seeing something that was real and totally pure, no gimmicks.’


Meghan Remy has declared her love for pop music before. On her latest record ‘Gem’ she has polished away the excessive distortion of her earlier recordings and ramped up her love of sixties girl groups and R&B melodies just enough to make the experimentalism that is at the core of her songs easier to appreciate.



Italian space-psych-horror maestro Simone Trabucchi (aka Dracula Lewis) remains something of a mystery. The last few years Trabucchi spent living in a Milan squat, creating art installations and working on his own label Hundebiss Records (Stargate, Hype Williams, Primitive Art) which saw the release of his long-awaited debut full-length U$e Your Illu$ion$.


Arguably part of a new wave of US producers that include the likes of Ron Morelli’s L.I.E.S, Anthony Naples, Beautiful Swimmers, Time Wharp, Howse, and a large percentage of Amanda Brown’s 100% Silk, Huerco S’ (whose name is slang for ‘kid’ in the Northern Mexican States) music is as suited for the dancefloor as it is off, both intensely warm and atmospheric as it is groove driven and hard-hitting.

Artwork by Mathieu Serruys - Tomas Lootens - We Became Aware